Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thanks, but No Thanks

Yesterday while cruising the aisles of Target, I got some friendly parenting advice from a woman of a certain age.  Wylie was reaching back into the cart to grab the giant bouncy ball we were getting.  I asked him to turn around and she sighed and said "I think you're asking a lot Mom". Right. This is not the first time I've received handy tips from grumpy old ladies.  I think it'd be funny to compile an ongoing list of the unsolicited parenting advice we've received, especially from nosy strangers.  Leave your stories here or on facebook. 


  1. My favorite was when a stranger at the store got in Brooke's face, grabbed her cheek HARD and, when Brooke gave her a nasty look, proceeded to tell me that she was "such a reserved and suspicious child" and that I should teach her to be nicer. Nope. I think she did just fine.

  2. This is not exactly advice, but it's still one of my favorite parenting misunderstandings. We were going through airport security with our less than a year old baby girl who was dressed in girly, pink clothes, and the TSA agent asked if the baby was a girl or a boy. I said, "um, a girl" and he said, "but where are her earrings?!"

  3. I was leaving the grocery store one day with my daughter sleeping peacefully in the Ergo. An older woman was entering the store and stopped me as we passed to say that my daughter could not be comfortable in that position and was definitely being squished. Hmmm. After that, I walked around the block just to let her stay squished and sleeping a bit longer.


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