Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Down Under Cover

8 years ago, I bought my first real furniture, albeit from IKEA.  I chose a giant dark brown leather KRAMFORS sofa and coordinating massive chaise for my then tiny craftsmen living room in Berkeley. Structurally they have held up remarkably well, but the leather was defective and finally ripped open on the chaise last month, only exacerbated by the barrage of army men and dinosaurs that have been exploring the tear.  

I am equal parts practical and fickle.  I've been wanting to replace them with a lighter, textured fabric sofa. At the same time I feel like purchasing all new living room furniture is a little ridiculous considering the beating they'll be taking over the next 5 years. I still like the lines of the KRAMFORS, and they are really comfortable, plus they've filled out our open space living room perfectly. Up until now, recovering them has not been an option. Reupholstery wasn't cost effective. I did find a company called Bemz that makes tailored covers for specific IKEA sofas, but they don't fit over leather versions.  Then I found Comfort Works, an Australian company specializing in IKEA covers, that makes special sizes to accommodate leather versions. 

I ordered a set of "Nomad Grey" heavy cross-weave covers for both pieces. I've finished the chaise, which took about an hour to install, including removing the base to get the fabric perfectly taut. So far, I'm really impressed by the quality of construction and I've achieved the tailored textile look without reupholstering or investing in new pieces. Win win.





  1. Hi,

    Great idea with the Comfort Works covers. If you have removed your leather chaise cushion cover, and are not using it, I would love to purchase it from you. I could use the material to repair an existing large tear on mine. Please contact me at 99intrepid @ hotmail . ca (no spaces).


  2. Heather, did you have to DIY anything or tear off the existing leather skin to put the cover on?

  3. @Lea-Anne, I did choose remove the leather seat covers, but not the leather on the frame, because there was a significant tear in the chaise cushion.

  4. Hi Heather,

    I recently found your blog through the Comfort works website. I too am in the market for recovering my Kramfors sofa and also have little boys...3 to be exact (ages 6,2 and newborn). I'm wondering now that you've had the covers on for almost a year, do you think that they hold up well to little ones, particularly, how stain resistant are they? Thanks!

  5. Oh my gosh, let me tell you. They have been spilled on, thrown up on, jumped on. I had to wash the seat covers twice last week. They've held up so well. No stains, and much more comfortable than the leather.

  6. How do they look compared to the original leather in terms of tightness and fit? The couch is very modern/sleek, I'm worried it will be too loose and look, well, like a cover.

  7. They look great, two years later I still love them. They are fitted/tailored to the sofa, they don't stretch out. Highly recommend.


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