Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY Friday: Flora & Fauna

martha stewart

When we were at Acre Coffee the other day enjoying our steamed soy milk and latte, respectively, Wylie and I sat and admired their beautiful table displays.  They were glass jars with what I thought looked like succulents, some dry moss and little figurines, so cool, we thought we needed to make one (or many) of our own.  I took a trip to our gardening center and found out that what I was looking for was actually called Tillandsias.  They are commonly known as Air Plants, because they don't root in soil, you simply submerge them in water once or twice a week, shake them and put them back.  I can do that.  To give it an apothecary, spooky feel I decided to make our terrarium with brown dry moss and small feathered crows which I found at the craft store, twiggy branches from our yard, and a couple of my new air plants. I like the idea of switching out the birds and twigs for a new look during the holidays, and then again in Spring. Happy Weekend!

air plants

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