Friday, June 14, 2013

About A Girl

I'm not the kind of girl who wears a lot of jewelry.  My earlobes are so sensitive that I can't really wear earrings very often, and I find accessorizing to be so challenging that I usually just buy clothes with interesting prints and collars to avoid having to style myself.  On occasion I do rock a big bib necklace, but that's only for fancy dress, so I was pretty excited when I found Martha Stewart's tutorial for making a more casual version from wooden beads.  Her DIY employed all sorts of tools and wire, so I modified mine using only beads (1/2") and embroidery thread (that string art project is the gift that keeps on giving).  I love the bit of red that peeks out between the wood grain. Here's the link to her original tutorial, I followed a very similar pattern.  My photo tutorial is below...  Have a happy weekend! xo, Heather


  1. Wow nice idea!
    would have been better if you gave the method here as well

    I have made some necklaces recently !
    mind checking 'em out ?

  2. This is darling! Did you just play around with it or have directions to go off of to get your final necklace?

  3. Thanks Lauren! I followed the instructions to make it on Martha Stewart's website, link is in the post, I substituted embroidery thread, and did one fewer clusters on outer row, but otherwise it follows that pattern.


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