Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Martha Stewart's Bubble Recipe

I found a pin for making your own bubbles, originally from Martha Stewart in July/August 1999 - back when I was interviewing for my first big girl job in San Francisco, far before I cared to make my own bubbles, or thought I'd ever have a kid with such cute kissy lips. Now that I'm an old lady, I know the value of bubbles, which is to say they are highly entertaining, but they get spilled like that (finger snap). I tested this recipe and it rocks. The solution is viscous, and strong, and produces bubbles that are massive and hover in the air for several seconds before really moving.  It also cost me about $1.50 to make a half-gallon.  Keep reading and I'll give you the recipe and tell you about these wands.  

Make Your Own Bubbles:

5 cups water
2 cups of dish washing liquid (use Dawn, not Method)
1 cup of corn syrup

mix and store in a covered container.

I read a little into making your own bubble wands.  Martha suggests using a coat hanger and some mesh, which sounds complicated (you need tools).  I also read comments suggesting pipe cleaner, which seemed too flimsy to me, but I liked the idea because the fiber clings to the soap and keeps the solution attached longer while blowing, allowing for a bigger bubble.  Bigger is better, right? Plastic bubble wands have those teeth on the interior which do the same thing.  I decided to try with floral wire, which I happened to have lying around, but it's readily available at stores like Michael's for a few dollars. The fibers grab the solution, but the wand is very sturdy. You can bend into shapes, I like the idea of little hearts floating in the air, so I made mine like this, but you could just stick with a circle.  Easy peasy. Just rinse and dry when they're done playing. 


  1. these are loveley,
    I made a tutorial about this too. floral wire is a good one, didn't thought of that.
    here is mine:
    love, Gemma

  2. Going on a family trip this weekend and wanted to have the kids (and adults) create enormous bubbles! Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Ifound this awhile back and made the wands for my nephews family. Even the smallest of the kids could make super bubbles. A couple dowels, eye screws cotton string and a washer. It took about 2 minutes for each wand to make. We had bubbles the size of small cars... ok not quite, but close. I used Martha's bubble mixture, though the suggested recipe is close. So worth the time . We all had a blast!


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