Friday, September 6, 2013

DIY Dwell Studio Boom Art Sculpture

My favorite housewares and furniture store in the whole world is Dwell Studio. Their collections have that certain Danish modern, mid-century updated, luxe-cozy thing that I just can't get enough of.  Dwell Studio pieces are made of fine materials and cost a pretty penny, and are therefore more often a point of inspiration for me.  I've been able to cultivate the look shopping at CB2 and Anthropologie sale sections, and at my secret thrift stores around town. When their Fall collection came out I fell in love with their brass sculptures. Starting at $150 each, the Boom Wall Sculptures were just too much, so I had only one choice: make them. Scroll down for more pictures and tutorial.  You can make your own for about $5 each and I figured out a way to reposition them, damage-free using velcro tabs. Here' the real deal...

Here's my version using bamboo skewers, styrofoam balls, and spray paint...

To make you'll need 2" styrofoam balls (smooth), 10" bamboo skewers, gold metallic spray paint (Rustoleum), black metallic spray paint, and if you like my white version, soft white spray paint.  To attach to the wall I sanded the back of the ball to make a 3/4" flat surface and attached using 3M velcro wall squares. 

Spray the balls the base color (either black or white).  Spray the skewers gold.

There is a thin seam line on the styrofoam ball that divides it in half, use this as your starting point.  Insert the skewers around this line, then fill upwards.

Spray paint the center color onto the base of the skewers, creating the ombre from white or black to gold.

To attach them, sand the back side flat and attach an adhesive velcro tab.  Simply pop on the wall, damage free (they weigh less than a pound).


  1. Very nice art wall! I love the color contrast with gold! Thanks for sharing the idea! Ama

  2. Thanks Ama! They're not the real thing, but I really love the way they turned out.

  3. really a nice way to spice up a blank wall !!

  4. These turned out fantastic! Kudos to you for thinking of a way to DIY them - I think I like yours even better than the real ones. ;)


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