Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Galvanized Soaking Pool

As I type this, the chain link fence that surrounds our front yard is being dismantled.  There are little sparkling bits of light floating around my head right now I am so happy. Over the next few days the yard will be transformed from a dead grass lot to the beginnings of a wild, drought tolerant garden with horizontal slat side fences. Behind those fences is the next project, and while I am thinking mostly about the new back deck and raised beds, there's this other thing that I'm considering, a pipe dream, of making a soaking pool out of a galvanized livestock feed tub. If you think I'm crazy, just check out what other folks have done with this application.

I love the wood cladding around this feed tub pool in Santa Barbara. Standard round stock tubs are between 8 and 10' and 2' deep; deeper than a bathtub, enough to submerge at chest level. I'm researching the best way to keep this type of pool clean, so far I'm intrigued by the idea of a floating, solar powered filter.

Both of my boys are learning how to swim, Jasper can do laps, and Wylie is at the stage where he likes to dunk his head under water and doggy paddle around. While we head to the community pool for lessons and real swimming, on a lazy summer day it would be so nice to have something like this to play in, or to dangle your feet in on a hot day.

If I could just get my hands on a water silo we could really have something...dogs apparently like these pools. 

And this is just sweet...

Photo Credits:
bigBANG studio 
Doble M Design
The Cabin House 
Design Mom


  1. Love this idea! I am also curious about how you would keep it clean. And drain it. Love the look and idea. Can't wait to see how it works out!

  2. So yes, I am also curious about this. The filter would really do wonders, especially because it's meant for a much larger pool. I would probably have a custom cover made to keep critters and bugs out when not in use, and we would probably need to chlorinate enough to keep the water safe.

  3. Could you, possibly, make it a mineral tub if you didn't want to chlorinate, I wonder?

  4. When will a pup join the crazy brood? What about a sale water situation? You would still need a filter but it may be easier....

  5. I think a mineral pool is an interesting idea. I have some more research to do...if I ever make this happen it'll be the ultimate DIY.


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